In The Making

Behind the scenes at Eker Design

Hydrolift has a reputation for building extremely rapid and high quality craft. CEO, Bard Eker, is a world renowned powerboat racer and designer. However, in the past this quest for performance sometimes came at the cost of a leisure-friendly cockpit layout. The new X-Series range aims to change that by making the boats as much fun to be in when you arrive at the anchorage, as they are getting there.

The X-26S has certainly succeeded, with one of the cleverest cockpit layouts we’ve seen on any boat this size. By offsetting the helm station to starboard, the designer has created a flat, unobstructed walkway along the port side that stretches from stem to stern, giving all the safety and ease of access benefits of a walkaround model without stealing space from both sides. ~ Motorboat and Yachting 

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